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  I.  D30-3119 Reverse Sinskey Hook

Used to begin the dissection in DSEK surgery by scoring Descemet's membrane and then to gently strip the membrane. Overall length: 117mm, 4.6 inches

  J. D30-3122 Nick Pick #2

      Used to aid in positioning the donor corneal tissue. Overall length: 115mm, 4.5 inches

  K. D30-3123 Terry Scraper Irrigating

      Used with irrigation to stabilize the anterior chamber while gently roughening the inner stromal surface of the cornea in                preparation for the graft  in the DSEK procedure. Overall length: 111mm, 4.4 inches.

  L. D30-3124 Terry Scraper Non-Irrigating

      Used to gently roughen the inner stromal surface of the cornea in preparation for the gralt in the DSEK procedure. Overall          length:115mm, 4.5 inches

 M. D30-3125 Cindy Sweeper for DSEK

      Designed for a smooth glide across corneal surface to smooth out interface between stromal surface and the DSEK groft.          Overall length:112mm, 4.4 inches

 N. DT50-3122 Charlie Forceps II

       A modification to the Charlie Forceps, designed to minimize compression at there and make donor endothelial survival                during door insertion for the DSAEK, DSEK and DLEK procedures. The Forceps have been modified with a 150 mikron              space between the tips allowing tissue insertion without crushing while reducing cell damage.Overall length: 104mm, 4.1            inches

O. DT30-3126 corneal Marker 8.5mm/9.0mm

      Designed to provide a template for scoring and stripping of Descemet's membrane during the DSEK procedure. Overall              length: 132mm, 5.2 inches

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