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Probing & Syringing Set

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Probing & Syringing Set Includes:

1.  D50-9920    Rampleys Sponge Forceps     

2.  D50-9965    Backhaus (Towel Clamp)

3.  D40-4100    Westcott Stitch Scissors    

4.  D60-1530    Castroviejo Needle holder Curved without lock 

5.  D40-9010    Knapp Strabismus Scissors blunt tip     

6.  D70-2500    Lacrimal Probe set of 6     

7.  D70-2623    Crawford Retrieving Hook    

8.  D70-2110    Punctum dilator 

9.  D70-2120    Punctum dilator 

10.D70-2130    Punctum dilator 

11.D70-3000    Lacrimal Cannula

12.D70-2000    Infant Lacrimal Dilator     

            13.D90-35000  Mesh Tray with silicon

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