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Strabismus Set

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         Strabismus Ophthalmic Set Includes:

1.     D10-5678          Lieberman Speculum, solid blade, large

2.     D10-5677          Lieberman Speculum, solid blade, small

3.     D10-5665          Lieberman Infant Speculum, solid blade

4.     D50-9910          Hartmann Mosquito Forceps, curved (2)

5.     D50-9850          Serrefine, small, straight (2)

6.     D10-9010          Helveston Barbie Retractor

7.     D10-9012          Helveston Big Barbie Retractor

8.     D10-9019          Helveston Great Big Barbie Retractor

9.     D30-6610          Helveston Teaser Hook, 6mm (3)

10.   D30-6760          Helveston Finder Hook, large

11.   D30-6761          Helveston Finder Hook, small

12.   D30-6778          Helveston Muscle Hook, 8mm

13.   D30-6780          Helveston Muscle Hook, 10mm

14.   D30-6782          Helveston Muscle Hook, 12mm

15.   D30-9030          Helveston Scleral Ruler

16.   D30-9000          Castroviejo Caliper, straight

17.   D40-3004          Westcott Tenotomy Scissors

18.   D40-4100          Westcott Stitch Scissors

19.   D50-2020          Bonn Forceps, 0.12mm

20.   D50-2553          Moody Fixation Forceps, left

21.   D50-2554          Moody Fixation Forceps, right

22.   D50-4320          Lester Fixation Forceps, 2x3 (3)

23.   D50-5420          Helveston Tying Forceps (2)

24.   D30-6830          Rychwalski Muscle Hook, with grooves

25.   D60-1560          Castroviejo Needle Holder, str with lock

26.   D60-3520          Barraquer Needle Holder, cvd with lock

27.   D70-5000          Bishop-Harmon A/C Irrigator

28.   D200-1910        Chuck Handle

29.   D90-2020          Sterilizing Case SUITABLE FOR STRABISMUS  

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